HSA Mission Statement

Our mission is to support our teachers and administration to provide the best environment for our students to learn and to succeed.

About the HSA

McCall’s HSA exists to support the teachers and administration in providing the best learning environment for our students. Another integral task of Home and School is to assist in communication between parents and the school and to find ways to improve our children’s learning facilities, resources and community relationships.

As you know, McCall is a highly regarded public school and many believe that its success is due in part to the strong parent support that the children and faculty receive. The school is rich with tradition and has a wonderful 100-year history. Last year, McCall was named a Vanguard School - an accomplishment of which we should all be proud.

Home and School has had a number of significant fundraisers and donations of time that contributed to many school improvements and an increase in educational resources over the past several years. These include:

  • New cyber-library
  • New playground
  • Promethean Boards (smart boards) in all classrooms.  
  • Funding and maintaining the 100 Book Challenge program.  
  • Enhancements to the physical campus through participation in Philadelphia Cares Day.  
  • Providing teachers with additional funds for field trips, materials and other special events.

McCall is among the top public schools in the city with high quality teachers and administration. It is importnat to realize that many of the benefits that McCall students have gained over past years has been a direct result of work put into the school by parents and the community.

Please be involved! It does make a difference!