HSA Committees, Chairs, and Liaisons 2012

Committee Description

Chair: Kathy Lewis

The communications committee will be made up of parents, faculty and Ms. Domb. The goal is to coordinate with teachers and staff, keep all communications current and disseminated in a timely manner.

Chair will be responsible for sending out weekly update, updating bulletin board and website.

Class Parent

Chair: Kathy Lewis

Goal is to have a Class Parent for each classroom. Class Parent’s role is to disseminate information and be a liaison between the teacher and home and school and other class specific needs/events.

The chair would get updates from Class Parents regarding class activity and class needs. It is also important to get Class Parents make the Volunteer Coordinators know when class will be out on trips as we would like to notify volunteers. They will try to obtain monthly updates for the website. They will act as communication liaison between classrooms, HSA and Communication Committee.

100 Book Challenge

Chairs: Sheri Watson, Alissa Ellis

The 100 Book Challenge is a reading program for K-3 students.

The Chair plays an important role for addressing the needs of the teachers and students with appropriate reading material, governed by the 100 Book Challenge Program. Responsibilities would include the following:

  • Organizing each book level in appropriate colored baskets.
  • Rotating the books often among the classrooms to keep fresh reading material for students.
  • Labeling and accepting donations for the 100 Book Challenge Program.
  • Meeting with Teachers about program.
  • Making sure all Level Cards are distributed at the beginning of the year for parents and students reference.
Social Chair

Chair: Sheri Feinberg

There are number of social events scheduled throughout the year. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Movie Nights
  • Halloween Parties
  • Grown Up Socials

The chairperson would look for chairs for individual events and coordinate the details with the chairperson. Please note, that there are a number of other events that we have created committees specifically for. The Social Chair would add insight where applicable to those other committees as well.

Facilities Enhancement

Chair: Sharri Horowitz, Sheri Watson

Because McCall has been selected for a Design Collaborative Grant, the Facilities Enhancement would work with the Design Collaborative Group to:

  • Raise funds for Facility Enhancement Items
  • Volunteer for the labor group
  • Reach out to contacts to who can assist in obtaining grant items

Chair: Yischon Liaw

The school website is We have a website contact who will handle all technical aspects of the website. A committee chairperson would gather all articles and content for the site and forward information to technician for updates. Chair would also work to make content on website more user friendly.

Drama Club

Chair: Tami Levin

Faculty Liaisons: Dr. Marshall, Ms. Gooding

Each May (after a yearlong dedication), McCall’s Drama Club puts on a major theatrical production. The committee chairperson will work with the Drama teacher, Dr. Marshall and Music teacher, Ms. Gooding, and be accessible for communication between participating student’s parents with questions and needs. Because of the large number of students who participate, Chair would look for several people to be the lead on several projects within drama. Responsibilities would include the following:

  • Costumes Lead- who will work with the committee to determine costumes
  • Set Design- determine who will lead set design and who assist in that design
  • Playbill- graphic designer needed to create the ad book
  • Ticket sales- someone needed to create, print and distribute all tickets
  • T-shirt design- determines the logo for the shirt and make sure to have accurate cast and crew information.
  • Back Stage Support- several parties are needed to help all children back stage
  • Sound and Lighting- determine if additional items needed and monitor crew

Chair will also help:

  • Help develop flyers to advertise participation of students for the Drama production.
  • Keep a list of students and their emergency information
  • Report to the Communications Committee at McCall.
  • Oversee concessions
Bake Sales

Chair: Sharri Horowitz

Bake Sales are held on election days as McCall School is a polling location.

The Bake Sale Chairperson would be responsible for organizing a few bake sales to raise money for the HSA. Items to consider and take of are as follows:

  • Get volunteers to secure enough coverage for the hours of the Bake Sale
  • Display flyers and Signage for sale of food and baked goods in prominent locations
  • Coordinate with current events happening at McCall School
  • Ask for Alumni volunteers
  • Reach out to parents for donations
  • Reach out to community for beverage donations (Java Joe previously donated)
Scholastic Book Fair

Chairs: Wanda Washington, Hope Anne Hart

The Scholastic Book Fair is a great way to raise money for McCall and to sell books and other little goodies to students and their families. This year, the Scholastic Book Fair will be held at Back to School Night, Literacy Night, and STEM Night. Responsibilities would include the following:

  • Set up the stage with shelving and displays for the books and other merchandise
  • Coordinate the dates and provide flyers to all of the students
  • Schedule the times for individual classes to “shop” during the school day
  • Reach out to teachers to get books they are requesting for donation in their classroom

Chair: Lori Ortiz

Find volunteers for the school to help with a variety of needs that McCall may have. Nurse Benjamin is the liaison. Responsibilities would include:

Responsibilities will include:

  • Following up with Nurse Benjamin and be informed about the breakfast and luncheon provided by the school.
  • Ensuring clearances have been completed or aid in the process
  • Follow up with prior year volunteers to establish current year opportunities.
EITC- Education Improvement Tax Credit

Chair: Andrea Layden

McCall has received their EITC. This means a qualified business can fund education rather than pay a percentage of its state taxes. To do this, the business makes a gift, through an EITC program, to McCall. The state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) gives the business a tax credit equal to a percentage of the business’s contribution. The EITC Chairperson would find and talk with the many local businesses in the neighborhood and see if they are willing to form a partnership with McCall or has ability to make additional donations to McCall. Responsibilities also include:

  • Looking into opportunity for corporate outreach.
  • Coordinate and report with the Civic Association Representatives (SHCA- Andrea Layden/ Old City- Sheri Watson/ WSW-Laura Sepe/ Chinatown- Mr. Tang)
  • Seek Restaurants for donations
  • Bringing in people with special talents or skills that can be useful for special programs
  • Get the word out that McCall is a great public school and we are in the same neighborhood

Committee chair will look for fund raising opportunities. Current initiatives include (but are not limited to) Innisbrook and Kids Stuff Coupon Book

Chairperson will also:

  • Coordinate promotional materials
  • Handle orders and distribution of orders
  • Seek opportunities now that HSA is a 501c3; including:
    • Whole Foods Day
    • Five Below Week
    • Chick-Fil-A Day
    • Promote Home and School to those who participate in United Way corporate matching campaigns.


As a 501c3, there are many opportunities for obtaining funds through grants. Chairperson will:

  • Look for grant opportunity
  • Work with committee to write grants
  • Review monthly newsletter provided by the district’s grant department for opportunities available
  • Submit grant applications
  • Follow through on grant funds and spending
Enrichment Program

Chair: Sharon Hershman

We would like a Parent to communicate the needs and activities of the Enrichment Programs for Home and School, the website, and all parents in this program.

Box Tops

Chair: April Gamache

Box Tops are important in our Fund Raising efforts. Chair will:

  • Collect monthly Box Tops from classrooms
  • Count and submit Box Tops
  • Submit report for website
  • Encourage those to use Box Top Market Place
  • Organize winner’s pizza party


Home and School orders school uniforms for sale to our families. Coordinators will:

  • Order uniforms
  • Collect money
  • Be available for uniform sales at school
Picture Day

Chair: Sonja Bingham

McCall has contracted with Lifetouch for our student photos until 2013. Chair will coordinate picture day and determine the number of people needed for support. They will also handle re-takes and questions regarding the day.

Open House Tours

Chair: Laura Sepe

A HSA representative is needed to welcome potential families to the school during open house tours. Tours are held monthly (see school schedule for dates).

Responsibilities would include:

  • Be available or make arrangement for parent participation for monthly tours
  • Answering questions and sharing experiences with the families.
  • Assist with New Parent Open House Dinner which is held in June and welcomes mostly Kindergarten Parents to the school and provides them with the opportunity to chat with other families who are newly registered.
Teacher Appreciation


Teachers are given an Appreciation Breakfast before the Winter Break and again during Teacher Appreciation week is in the spring. HSA provides teachers a small give and a photo of the children (yearly photo done during Blue & Gold Day).

Coordinators will need to:

  • Send emails and letters requesting donations from parents
  • Determine what the needs to feed the staff will be
  • Reach out to restaurants for lunch donation
  • Coordinate all items on day of the event
  • Create budget for the day
  • Distribute gifts if within budget
Blue and Gold Day

Chairs: Harry Feinberg

Blue and Gold Day is field day activity in which all McCall children participate. The school is randomly divided into a Blue team and Gold team. They then spend the day at different activities throughout the day; including relay races, tug of war, etc. There are also activities such as face painting, sand art, etc.

Responsibilities include:

  • Create budget for the day
  • Determine what food and drinks can be provided
  • Reach out to community for possible donations/ involvement
  • Send emails and letters to parents and community asking for volunteers
  • Purchase materials for activities
  • Ensure adequate coverage for the day’s events
Philadelphia Cares Day

Chair: April Gamache

Philadelphia Cares Day is on and it is where the community volunteers their time and effort in painting, organizing and cleaning up the school.

Chairperson will:

  • Determine the needs for the school inside and out
  • Coordinate the number of people needed
  • Determine budget needed
Bi-Lingual Assistance

Faculty Liaison: Mr. Tang

We would like assistance for our non-English speaking community. We would like chair to:

  • Reach out to Asian Community
  • Assist with translations
  • Coordinate on Chinese New Year Events
  • Assist Mr. Tang and Office when needed
Facebook Page

Chair: Lori Ortiz

Organize content and manage Face book page.

  • Post ongoing and future events that are open to the community in the school
  • Reach out to alumni/parents for fund raising and volunteer opportunity

As always, volunteers are needed for events like Literacy Night, Stem Night, Woman’s Career Day and Eighth Grade Moving Up Day.

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