Donate to McCall by Shopping


Mccall Home & School Association


The easiest way for you to earn money for McCall:

Download the Shoparoo app!

Easily downloadable on your phone or computer, and all you have to do is scan your grocery receipts once you are done shopping. Most grocery stores are applicable and a percentage of your sales are donated back to the school. Do so today and raise money just by food shopping.


You can earn even more money for your school by adding your shopper card numbers to

McCall Home & School Association is registered under number 6534828.

Register your Superfresh, Genaurdi's, Pathmark and other grocery cards to the school and every time you make a purchase, McCall earns money.

Box Tops

Every Little Bit Helps! We need your help to collect Box Top$ for McCall because that means $$$$ for McCall.

It will take less than 2 minutes to register (create user name and password) at Assign your support on the site to McCall and sign up for email updates. The site shows what products have Box Top$ coupons, contains shopping coupons you can print, and regularly runs contests that can win thousands of Box Top$ for McCall.